Zen Temple Retreats in Spring 2023 (March and April)

February 5, 2023

“Explore the Various Notions of “Self” Needed to Live in an Uncertain and Volatile World”

Shunkoin Temple offers one-day Zen temple retreat programs in English and Japanese.

Today, most of us live with the notion of an individual “self.” However, this notion is actually quite new in human history. As we have come to rely heavily on the notion of an individual “self,” we have become separated from our natural environments and social communities. This has resulted in an inability to see phenomena as interconnected, and can contribute to afflictions such as imposter syndrome or loneliness.

Our retreats focus on understanding the notions of “self” in Zen and other Eastern contemplative traditions through Zen meditation, calligraphy, and tea ceremony practices.

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One-Day Retreat

Three-Day Retreat