Weekend of Nov. 20th and 21st: Topic “Mourning”

November 15, 2021

Please join our online Zen meditation and philosophy session in English with Rev. Takafumi Zenryu Kawakami (75 min.)

Small group and more direct conversations with participants. Our topic is different each time. It depends on the current situations and participants’ condition and questions.

Nov. 20th at 12:30 PM HST (Honolulu)
Nov. 20th at 2:30 PM PST (San Francisco)
Nov. 20th at 5:30 PM EST (Boston)
Nov. 20th at 10:30 PM BST (London)
Nov. 21st at 6:30 AM SGT (Singapore)
Nov. 21st at 7:30 AM JST (Kyoto)
Nov. 21st at 9:30 AM AEDT (Sydney)
Nov. 21st at 11:30 AM NZDT (Auckland)

We start with guided meditation to understand the impact of words we use in our daily lives. Then, continuously, we move to Zen meditation.

Then, we have our discussion on the theme for this week.

After the discussion, we practice “nanso” meditation (compassion + body scanning meditation) together.

We end the session with a Q&A.

While you are meditation, I will livestream the view of Shunkoin Temple’s garden.

*If you are a doctor/medical worker saving lives from COVID-19, please contact me directly. So you can join the session for free.