Mindfulness can improve our modern lives.

I travel the world giving talks about the zen & mindfulness, and how these practices can help improve our lives in these modern and hectic times and help us to be more fulfilled in our private and professional lives.

I hope that the message that I put forth in these talks can find fertile ground and help change peoples lives. My travels and talks have brought me to the likes of MIT, Brown University, TEDxKyoto & Ideo. I’m looking to communicate with new organizations to more of the like.

Please take a moment to view some of these talks, and if your organization is interested in holding such a talk, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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DW - Japan's marriage equality priest - Radio program

Same-sex marriage remains illegal in Japan, but a Buddhist priest in Kyoto is among those pushing for change. Taka Kawakami is among the first in his country to perform wedding ceremonies for homosexual couples.