Tea Ceremony

Experience and learn about tea ceremony at a historic Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto

Myoan Eisai brought both the Rinzai School of Zen Buddhism and green tea from China to Japan in the late 12th century. Japanese tea culture was first established in the Zen Buddhist environment. Zen Buddhism has had a significant impact on Japanese tea ceremony. Thus, it is more meaningful to learn and experience a tea ceremony at a Zen Buddhist temple.

Advanced Tea Ceremony Course (90 min.)

“Tea and Zen Have the Same Flavor/禅茶一味”

  • Fee: 5,500 yen per person
  • Reservation: Required
  • Maximum capacity: 8 people

This Zen phrase is often used to describe how the essence of Zen and the Way of Tea are the same.

Enjoy a deep session with a Tea expert as he will guide you through the Tea Ceremony. The course includes a short sitting meditation followed by a practice to serve Matcha (powdered green tea). The meditative atmosphere will further evoke discussions on how the taste of Zen and Tea are one.

Instructor Dairik Amae

The expert began his Tea practice at 19 years old, and has lived in multiple countries including Korea, Russia, USA, Syria, and Ukraine. He has a background in Japanese architecture as well as design.

Regular Tea Ceremony Course (60 min.)

  • Fee: 3,500 yen per person
  • Reservation: Required
  • Maximum capacity: 10 people

Pay attention to the smallest things – the sound of water dripping from the tea ladle. Focus your mind on the present moment.

As the years pass, I have gradually come to understand that “the way of tea” is “the way of life”.
I hope my guests will enjoy mindful moments through tea ceremony.

Basic content

  • Talk about the history and philosophy of the tea ceremony
  • Explanation of the tea house
  • Observe a tea ceremony performed by the instructor
  • Making your own tea and after enjoying it with wagashi, Japanese sweets

Instructor: Aiko Tanaka

She was born and raised in Kyoto and influenced by her mother, who was a teacher of tea. She has been practicing the way of tea since she was young child.