Japanese Calligraphy

Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) is not only a form of visual arts. But it is also a mindfulness practice. You can pay close attention to each stroke of brush while you are writing letters.

Zen and Japanese calligraphy share a common traits.

From the first brush stroke to the last, the journey from the beginning to the end is as important as the result in Japanese calligraphy or shodo.

This Japanese calligraphy class for beginners helps you be mindful in each stroke of brush in English.

Experience the traditional calligraphy on the temple grounds. Our friendly teacher will guide you through this journey. Learn to write your own name or favorite words in Japanese and take your works back home.

Our experienced calligraphy teacher guides you to the Japanese calligraphy experience in English.

  • 90 minutes
  • Reservation required
  • Maximum capacity: 8 people
  • You can take your works home with you.
  • Fee: 3,500 yen per person

About the teacher, Kanako Ota

  • Comes from a family of traditional Japanese artisans.
  • Teaching the philosophy of Japanese calligraphy and years of experience based on simplicity and enjoyment.