Japanese: "Nihongo"

Useful Phrases

Of course, you can enjoy your travel in Japan without knowing any Japanese. But, if you can speak Japanese, you will have more fun opportunities during your time in Japan.

So, let's start learning Japanese from these useful phrases!

  1. Greeting

    • "O genki desu ka?" = How are you?

    • "Genki?" = What's up?

    • "Genki desu." = I'm well.

    • "I'i desu ne!" = I'm well.

    • "Ma'a, ma'a desu." = So, so.

    • "Tsukarete masu." = I'm tired.

    • "Nemui desu." = I am sleepy.

    • "Anata wa doh desu ka?" = How about you?

    • "Doh desu ka?" = How are you?

    • "Ohayo!" or "Ohayo gozai masu!" = Good morning!

    • "Konnichiwa!" = Hello! (you can use this after 10am)

    • "Konbanwa!" = Good evening!

    • "Oyasumi!" or "Oyasumi nasai!" = Good night!

    • "Sayonara" = Good bye!

    • "Mata ne!" = See you later!

    • "Ato de ne!" = Later!

  2. Introduction

    • "Yohkoso!" = Welcome!

    • "Hajime mashite!" = Nice to meet you!

    • "Watashi wa (your name) desu." = I am (your name).

    • "Watashi no nama'e wa (your name) desu." = My name is (your name).

    • "Anata no onama'e wa nani desu ka?" = What is your name?

    • "Yoroshiku!" (casual) = Nice to meet you!

    • "Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!" = Nice to meet you!

  3. Other Important Phrases

    • "Itadaki masu!" = Bon Appetit! (You MUST say this before you eat.)

    • "Gochisohsama!" = Thank you for the meal (You MUST say this after you eat.)

    • "O ikura desu ka?" = How much is it?

    • "(place) wa doko desu ka?" = Where is (place)?

    • "Otearai wa doko desu ka?" = Where is a restroom? "Otearai" = Restroom

    • "Bihru o kudasai!" = Please, give me beer! "Bihru" = Beer

"Ganbatte kudasai!" = Good luck!!!

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