Entrance to Kyoto

JR Kyoto Station

JR Kyoto Station is the entrance of Kyoto. Every tourist, coming to Kyoto,arrives there first. JR Kyoto Station is also one of the busiest train stations in Japan. It contains a bus terminal, department store, hotel, chapel, theater, two outside stages,and numerous shops and restaurants. The station is famous for its architectual design. From the rooftop of the station, you can look around entire Kyoto City.

Contemporary Architectual Marvel

From left to right, the view from the rooftop, main entrance, and rooftop of JR Kyoto Station.

Food Court & Shops

There are two major food courts on the 10th and 11th floores of the station. You can eat Chinese, Italian, Western style, and Japanese food. The prices varies from 500 yen to 20'000 yen per meal. The picture on right is "Ramen Yokocho" food court on the 10th floor. There are 6 different ramen noodle shops and a coffee shop. It's hard to choose which noodle shop you eat. The other picture is a kiosk. There are a kiosk at every truck in the station. Commuters get their drinks, snacks, newspapers, and magazines at a kiosk.


From left to right, signs of a train ticket counter and ticket counter, where you can buy a ticket for Shinkansen Express. The signs of train ticket counter are green, like the pictures.