Learning Japanese Culture

Academic Program

 Zen Experience:
At Shunkōin Temple, we are welcome to have various school activities to learn many aspects of Japanese culture.

Shunkōin not only offers visitors an opportunity to learn about Rinzai Zen Buddhism, but also to see valuable objects representative of important epochs in Japanese history. All tours and Zen meditation classes are given in English by the American-educated vice abbot.

 Group Discount for School Activies:
We offer a group discount for school activies. If there is more than 20 people in your group, a fee for our Zen meditation & tour is 1,500 yen per person. And, you can have extra 30 minutes for the discussion about the Japanese Buddhism and Zen with the Shunkōin's vice abbot.

  • 2,000 yen/student for a group of under 20 students
  • 1,500 yen/student for a group of over 20 students

Rev. Takafumi Kawakami
Vice Abbot / Director of International Affairs
Deligate to the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program's Seattle Conference 2008
Phone:  (075)462-5488 (domestic)   +81.75.462.5488 (international)
Email:  Rev.Taka.Kawakami@gmail.com

University of Oregon's Kyoto Summer Program

The University of Oregon holds its landscape architecture and architecture departments' summer program at Shunkoin Temple every June and July. The students experience our temple accommodation and Zen meditation classes during their 5-week program.

University of Washington Exploration Seminar

The University of Oregon holds its exploration seminar at Shunkoin Temple. The students stays here 11 days and learn about Zen and Japanese art history.

University of Virginia's Semester at Sea

Every September, the Semester at Sea of University of Virginia visit Shunkoin Temple and learn about Japanese tea ceremony and how the Buhhism, Shinto, Confucianism, and Christianity has affected Japenese culture with the vice abbot.

AKP at Doshisha University

The Pictures are provided by Ph.D. Cynthea Bogel.

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