Against Human Rights Violations

Shunkōin Temple is against any forms of "Human Rights Violations" in the world. No religion teaches how to hate others. Religion teaches how to love and respect others. In these days, however, people tend to use their religion to justify thier violence. Yet, NO RELIGION allowes anyone to take away others' rights. Our mission is to teach what the true purpose of religion is. If people understand this concept, people can create a peaceful unity among different nations, cultures, ethicity, and religions.

"As human beings, we must also respect our fellow members of the human family: our neighbors, our friends, and even our enemies. Compassion, loving kindness, altruism, and a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood are the key to human development, not only in the future but in the present as well"

  -   H.H. Dalai Lama in his book "World of Tibetan Buddhism" (1995)