Get a Good Guide Book and Map

English Book Store

Random Walk Kyoto Teramachi

Now you are in Kyoto. You need a good map and guide book of Kyoto.

Random Walk Book Store is located on near the corner of Teramachi St. and Takoyakushi St. You can buy a good map and guide book of Kyoto. There are also various pictorial books of Japanese landscape, arts, food, and pop-culture at the store. Those are perfect gifts for your friends and family back home.

And, if you want to make your travel more special, get some Japanese textbooks or phrase books. Some of the books can be very handy in your trip.

They also have many selections of magazines and newspapers in English, Chinese, German, French, and many other languages. You grab a newpaper or magazine in your language at the store and read it at wonderful coffee shops around Sanjyo and Teramachi.

Random Walk Kyoto Teramachi